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About acacia


Who we are


We are a dynamic and consumer-oriented organization in Amsterdam that puts its inside and exterior customers at the center. Given that 2012, we have been delivering facility solutions to our organization consumers, but we also clear skillfully in non-public properties and individual property developers. We can understand assignments within 24 hours, 7 days a week.We are consequently obtainable 24 hours a working day, 7 times a 7 days


Cleansing organization Acacia attaches value to the general public curiosity in its routines. An example of the social relevance that cleansing firm Acacia integrates in its doing work approach is ideally doing work with environmentally friendly cleansing products. Some rewards of environmentally friendly cleaning:


Just as cleanse and the very same hygiene amount as chemical cleaning brokers,Leave considerably less chemical residue,Much better for the all round wellness of all personnel,Considerably less damaging to the setting.


Assembly appointments is extremely crucial to us


Outsourcing your services administration to cleaning company Acacia can guide to price cost savings for your business via our efficiency and efficiency. In addition, you choose for certainty with Acacia. We believe it is very essential to maintain the agreements created.


We keep day-to-day (or periodically) offices, entrances, bathrooms, firm canteens, and all sorts of other issues to the satisfaction of our massive and little buyers. We consequently hold everything that our customers want to keep thoroughly clean successfully for our customers.